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Conference “Europe-Russia: modern cytology”

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Liquid based cytology for non-gynecological examination: from European labs to Russian use.

Almost eighty specialists in clinical pathomorphology gathered at the international conference “Europe-Russia: modern cytology” that took place in Moscow on March, 26-27th. The agenda included a discussion about modern solutions and technologies in the European school of cytology, a video masterclass in preparation of gynecologic and non-gynecologic slides that included cancer diagnostic slides for breast, thyroid, bladder etc. Moreover, during the workshop the European immunocytochemistry test BD ProExC was presented to the Russian pathologists. The conference speakers were leading European specialists in cytology. The key part of the discussion was held by Jalil Hariri (Department of Pathology, Soenderborg Hospital, Denmark). He is an author of more than 100 reports on cytology testing. His work encompasses research in immunocytochemistry, cytologic examination of tissue from lungs, breast, endometrium etc. Doctor Hariri is a regular lecturer and participant of international forums, including the European Congress of Cytology. Another speaker was Mieke Bamelis (Product Manager, Women’s health & Cancer BD Diagnostics). As a BD specialist in liquid based cytology she told the audience about the product and its nuances, presented in details advances of liquid cytology in Europe and screening programs, as well as automated working processes in laboratories. 


PR 1   NON GYN LBC    
PR 3   Non-Gyn  Workshop BD SurePath™ Mieke Bamelis Dr. Jalil Hariri
PR 4   ProEx™ C  Jalil Hariri
PR 5   BD ProEx™ C: Introduction



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